Donut King Breakfast - 100ml Shortfill - 0mg

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Strawberry Choco Pops
Bringing the best of both worlds with smooth white chocolate and juicy strawberries into a perfect, pleasing tasty mix.

Pancakes & Syrup
With rich, golden maple syrup topping a buttery, fluffy stack of pancakes, this will bring that classic breakfast taste like you've never tasted before.

Jam On Toast
Tasting just like a golden toast base with fresh strawberry jam spread lavishly on top, you'll want to savor each puff.

Irish Charms
Complimented by sweet fluffy marshmallows fully saturated that's with creamy milky goodness over crunchy wheat cereal, this will taste like manna from heaven.

Fruit Bowl
Various juicy fruits within one cereal bowl into a harmonious fusion, this is right up the alley for those looking for more adventurous flavours.

Frosted Flakes
Drenched in in creamy, delicious milk, this tastes just like the classic breakfast cereal which will definitely get one pumped for the day ahead.

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