Donut King Fruits - 100ml Shortfill - 0mg

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Perfect Peach
A quintessential flavour where you will feel the strong taste of juicy, plump peach with each puff you take.

Luscious Lemon
Hitting you with a bold feeling of lemons with each puff, it's luscious citrus filled taste will have you salivating in delight.

Gorgeous Grape
As fresh and sweet as the real fruit, this tastes every bit as gorgeous as it sounds that will have your taste buds in mouth-watering ecstasy.

Legendary Cherry
Concocted to be a sweet and popular tasting vape that recalls the best kind of cherry fruit you may have had, this will be a legend according to your taste buds.

Juicy Blackcurrant
The juicy taste of a succulent, freshly picked blackcurrant fruit as a truly potent, rich fruity offering for you to experience as a grand flavour.

Envy Apple
Envy the flavour that recalls the finest kind of ripe apple you may have tasted, you'll love this potent, rich taste upon the first puff.

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