Anarchist Salt - 10mg - 10ml

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Anarchist Black is a perfect mixture of sweet, white sugar cupcake with vanilla creme frosting.

Anarchist Blue is a refreshing Blue Raspberry Slurpee flavour.

Anarchist Green is an amazing, Apple Cookie Butter flavour.

Anarchist Mango is full of juicy mangoes, possibly the best flavour they have released to date!

Anarchist Pink Lemonade is a refreshing combination of sweet and tart, pink lemonade.

Anarchist Red is a replication of those lovely strawberry candy laces you used to buy.

Anarchist Watermelon is a proper watermelon candy with just a hit of juicy gummy flavour!

Anarchist White is a delicious marshmallow, graham cracker flavoured E-Liquid.

Anarchist Purple is an amazing Grape Bubblegum flavour.

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