Blameless - 100ml Shortfill - 0mg

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Mango passion- A perfect blend of fresh mangoes & passionfruit with a hint of ice formulating a liquid which is truly an exotic blend Madagascan Delight- A mixture of strawberries and blueberries mixed with a smooth creamy vanilla. A must have for you dessert vapers Caribbean Kola- An all time favourite soft drink paired up with fresh green apples with an undertone of lime devising up a true summer blend Nordic Berry- Sweet ground berries fused with a refreshing lemonade, leaving a perfectly balanced liquid Tokyo Summerade- Crisp Fuji apples brewed up with citrusy homemade lemonade, a great flavour for beverage lovers! Blue Crème Anglais- Sweet blueberries blended with a rich creamy custard Kuala Lumpur Cooler- Inspired by fruits native to Malaysia, this rich blend of pomegranate & pomelo coupled with a blast of coolada will transport your senses. Melon Citron Refresher- Pulpy melon with dark berries & citrus combined with refreshing shots of coolada Shanghai Lí- Sour raspberries blended with fresh pear & a burst of coolada on the exhale.

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