Juice Head Salt - 10mg - 10ml

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Blueberry Lemon - Brings together a sweet and tart mix of blueberries and lemons. The juicy sweet blueberries perfectly compliments the ripe lemons for a divine tasting vape  aftertaste. Overall a complex blend of flavours to perfection.

Peach Pear - A mix of two delectable vape juice fruit flavors, lush, juicy, ripe peaches combined with fresh, delicious pears for an amazing fruit taste. The inhale is the taste of juicy peach followed by an exhale filled with the fresh succulent pear. Uplifting and refreshing, this is an all-day vape juice that you’re sure to want to vape again and again.

Pineapple Grapefruit - Get a move on with these tropical flavors and puff your night and day away. The citrus bite of the grapefruit practically jumps up at you on your inhale. Tart and robust it keeps a stronghold on you. When you exhale there is some relief as pineapple’s sweet side comes to soften the hold. Both flavour notes are set to give your taste buds a run for their money.

Strawberry Kiwi - A selection of succulent ripe strawberries and tangy fresh kiwi showcasing a refreshing, authentic fruit taste. The inhale is the taste of delicious ripe strawberries followed by an exhale filled with fresh kiwi fruit. Crisp and sweet, this is an all-day, invigorating vape juice that tastes so authentic you’ll think you are biting into fresh fruit with each vape.

Watermelon Lime - A sweet, juicy, ripe watermelon and tangy, fresh lime for an authentic fruit taste. The inhale is bursting with the flavour of juicy, mouthwatering Watermelon which is followed up by an exhale that is filled with the tartness of fresh limes. Invigorating and fresh, this is an all-day vape that is as energising as it is fresh.

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