Just Jam Salt - 20mg - 10ml

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Just Jam Original has got to be one of the most realistic flavors in its respective field – it really does manage to replicate the taste of real strawberry jam! An absolute must-have, this juice is sure to tantalize your taste buds. From smell to taste, the similarity to the real thing is striking.

Strawberry Doughnut includes the wonderful original flavor filled into a soft spongy, sugared donut. This taste is a definite contender for the top spot when looking at dessert-flavored e-liquids.

Jam On Scone exactly what it says on the tin. Raspberry Jam smothered on a freshly baked English scone with generous lashings of Devon cream. The only question you should ask is should the Jam or cream be first onto a scone?

Jam On Toast the wonderful Just Jam on Toast flavor features the original jam taste smothered on perfectly toasted bread. Users won’t need to worry about tasting burnt toast with this one, although a smidge of butter is certainly apparent on the inhale!

Raspberry strawberry was such a hit, so raspberry had to make an appearance! This flavor is an ode to ripe raspberry jam preserve. You’ll find it difficult to differentiate it from the real thing!

Raspberry Doughnut imagine our strawberry doughnut flavor, but this time with raspberry, instead of strawberry jam! Expect tastes of the ripest raspberry Jam complemented by the softest donut.

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